IngenoGears Application Server

IngenoGears Application Platform is the base foundation for developing strong and robust web sites and web applications. IngenoGears is able to power a great range of applications and solutions for your business large or small.

System Requirements

  • OS: Linux (CentOS, RHEL, SUSE, Ubuntu ...) / Mac OS X / Windows (7 or later, 2003/2008 Server or later)  
  • Java 8
  • Database: (MySQL, PostgresSQL)
  • Communication: IMAP/SMTP Server for E-mail notifications
  • Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 or above, Apple Safari

Current Plugins

  • Message Boards - WIKI - Blogs
  • Content Management
  • Document Library
  • Communities
  • Calendars(Company/Public/Private)
  • Content Search
  • Social Networking Tools(Profiles/Pages)
  • Plugins SDK