Frequently Asked Questions

IngenoCollab is a new cloud solution Ingeniak is working on to provide game developers with an edge in to making great games from indie titles to AAA titles. It is built on our IngenoGears Application Platform. It is a set of tools for collaboration, documention storage, issue tracking, and more.
Games are going to have bugs, there is no way to get around that. No team can make a game these days from start to finish with no bugs. When you talk about the large open world games with teams of hundreds of people, think of a search done by forest rangers trying to find a missing person or any target they are after. Something is going to fall through the cracks or maybe not until its too late. The idea of IngenoCollab is to increase the effeciency to make these games better.
Please fill out our contact form and choose IngenoCollab as your topic. We are about to release a beta of IngenoCollab for game developers to try out.
IngenoGears is a web application platform writte in Java. It uses Portal technology to allow easy integration of various components and widgets to build robust web applications. It features a built-in set of components for content managment, forums, document library, and more. IngenoGears also supports plugins to expand its features.
We currently only offering IngenoGears to serious customers who sign an NDA with us. Please inquire by filling out our form and select IngenoGears as the topic.