About Ingeniak

Based in the Charlotte, NC area, Ingeniak was founded with a purpose to develop great innovative software.

Open Source

Ingeniak utilizes and believes in open source products and usage. Ingeniak’s products utilize open source technology with plans on releasing its share of open source products as well to share with the open source community.


Ingeniak develops a range of technologies related to online and offline collaboration and game development for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms. These technologies include:

  • IngenoGears Application Platform
  • IngenoCollab



UCX is a financial exchange where cloud service providers and demand organizations come together to buy and sell cloud computing and storage resources.  Participants of UCX utilize our standardized unit of measure to simplify and make apples-to-apples comparisons across a variety of our global cloud service partners.  Working in partnership with the CME Group (ticker: CME), we are able to provide our members a transparent marketplace with high-quality providers to do their business with.